Freshen Up Your Homeschool Today With!

Those muggy days of summer are upon us! Does your homeschool need freshened up?

One of my favorite homeschool sites is The School House Teachers website. For one low prices you get preschool-12 grade, classes, videos, lesson plans, fun stuff like guitar lessons, art techniques for the lower grades. And tough stuff like biology and algebra for the upper grades. Try a month for free using the coupon code TRIAL (all caps). Then just pay $12.95 each month after.

I have been a member of Schoolhouse Teachers for several years and there is always something new! There are classes that your student can take and they even explain how to give credits for high school for the upper level classes. If you hop around in your homeschool like many of us do, there are archived lesson plans, so no need to be tied down to the computer each day.
Don't just veg out!! Do something fun in your homeschool today!
Something that I have liked about Schoolhouse Teachers website is that I have always felt comfortable letting the homeschooled young man freely surf their website. He has actually learned a lot just by goofing around on the site during his free time. Remember the cool think about homeschooling is that our kids learn even when they are having fun! They just don't know that they are learning, because it's fun!

What are you waiting for? Shake things up and freshen up that homeschool of yours!


p.s. The guitar lessons have been GREAT for the Homeschooled Young Man.